15-18 june 2010, Moscow, Physics Department, Lomonsov Moscow State University        



Conference program includes lectures by invited speakers and short talks by participants.

Session 1. Scanning probe microscopy
M.O. Gallyamov ” Modern methods of hi-resolution microscopy in polymer science”
L.N. Rashkovich, E.V. Petrova “Atomic force microscopy and elementary acts of crystallization process in solution (on the example of lisocyme crystal)”
A.A. Tichomirov “New developments of NT-MDT”
A.S. Filonov “Realization of internet practicum on probe microscopy”
E.A. Ilin "High frequency cantilever resonator"
E.A. Menshikov “High-speed atomic force microscopy”

Session 2. Force spectroscopy
J. Zivkovic "Force spectroscopy on RNA systems"
I.V. Safenkova "Investigation of the interaction of antibodies with plum pox virus with atomic force microscopy"

Session 3. Additional methods of AFM: sensors and object manipula
Yaminsky I.V. "Cantilevers based sensors"
Kim S.K. " Protein interaction analysis with a PZT thin-film microcantilever and a quartz crystal microbalance "
Kurochkin I.N. "Nanoanalytical and biosensor platforms for immunoanalysis and definition of ferments activity"
Krupenin V.A. "Silicon nanowire based charge sensor"
O. Budnik “Ion-implanted channels in carbon-based biosensor” Maksimov G.V. "Using laser interference microscopy method for visualization of living cells in vitro"

Session 4. Micro- and nanostructures organization
N.A. Kasyanenko “Nanostructures based on DNA. Vectors and nanowires”
A.E. Afanas’ev “Optical antennas and their investigation with atomic force microscopy”

Session 5. Scanning probe microscopy of biopolymers and cells
Y.L. Lyubchenko "AFM to study of DNA and protein-DNA complexes"
N.A. Kasyanenko “Exploration of DNA and bioactive compounds complex by atomic force microscopy”
E.V. Dzubenko “Exploration of normal and pathologic neurons cells”
O.V. Karpova "Artificial virus-like particles, obtained on the basis of fitoviruses"
Krasikova A.V. “Atomic force microscopy of lamp-brush chromosomes: topography of the surface of RNP matrix of transcriptional units"
Menshikova I.P. "Investigation of nucleosome dynamics with AFM"

Session 6. Carbon materials
E.A. Obraztsova "Atomic force microscopy of nanostructures on the example of graphene clusters"
Turchaninov Ì.À. "Particularities of crystallization of carbon melt on different facets of highly oriented graphite"
Sinitsyna O.V. "Probe microscopy and nanolithography of carbon materials"

Session 7. Additional methods of microscopy
A.A. Ezhov “Optical bionanoscopy”
A.A. Fedyanin “Lazer micro-tweezers in bionanoscopy”
Makarova D.V. "Testing of bioactivity of nanoparticles using computer phase interference microscopy in real time"
Luskinovich P.N. "Calibration of atomic force and interference microscopes in the whole nanometer range with subnanometer accuracy"


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