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  • Functions: 
    • Averaging with 3x3 or 5x5 square 
    • Median filtering with 3x3, 5x5, + or x mask 
    • Plane fitting in selected area or in whole image by selected area 
    • 2nd degree surface fitting (using paraboloic approximation) in or by selected area 
    • Linear spline 
    • Adjust scan (steps removal) in selected area or by column, containing selected area 
    • Filtering with threshold 
    • Hilighting (gradient transform by angle, sine or tangent) 
    • Rotation on 90 degrees 
    • Flipping 
    • Scaling by Z-axis 
    • Changing horisontal scales 
    • Deleting areas in fourier, which results in changing of original  
  • Creating: 
    • Profiles (sections)
    • Histograms 
    • 3-dimensional views with different parameters 
    • Fouriers 
  • Measurements: 
    • Roughness 
    • Surface square 
    • Distance 
    • Angle
    • Curves length
    • Isolines length, square and corresponding volume 
    • Distance, angle and height in sections 
    • Part of square, conforming to selected heights, in histograms 
  • Miscellaneous: 
    • Working with BMP and proper TXT files 
    • Capturing images from scanners and cameras 
    • Exporting images to TXT, BMP, JPEG, and VRML formats (depends on image type) 
    • Moving images to clipboard 
    • Working with multiple documents simultaneously 
    • Moving, resizing, minimizing images 
    • Duplicating image or part of it 
    • Adding and subtracting images 
    • Viewing raw text header and changing its 'comment' 
    • Sections lines showed on every image in one document (for Nanoscope-3 multi-image format) 
    • Sections cursors showed on the image 
    • Different sections can be showed with the same scale for easy comparison 
    • Automatic or manual colors mapping 
    • Quick preview of multiple files 
    • Different predefined and custom palettes 
    • X, Y and Z coordinates in the status string while cursor moving on the image 
    • Tooltips and context help in the status string 
    • Legend (file name, image data name, dimensions) can be showed on image